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A rendition of Les Mis that calls attention to just how hella gay Grantaire was for Enjolras.

"You’re rude and nobody cares about your aesthetics blog."

Is my favorite insult/conversation shut down.

Sep 8
Kim Kardashian, I thought we were friends. Why did you gift me this ugly ass #realtree camo raincoat? Like why though? #deletemynumber, #bye. #kkh #kimkardashianhollywood

Kim Kardashian, I thought we were friends. Why did you gift me this ugly ass #realtree camo raincoat? Like why though? #deletemynumber, #bye. #kkh #kimkardashianhollywood

Sep 4

Speaking of badass lady warriors, have I told you all about the warrior queens of Vietnam? The ones who once rode into battle naked on elephants? With an army of mostly women? The ones who had a general who GAVE BIRTH ON THE FRONTLINES AND KEPT FIGHTING with “baby in one arm, sword in the other?”

It’s my favorite piece of Vietnamese oral history (my family has a lot of traditional stories about China and Southeast Asia). I’ll tell you the whole thing one day.

Sep 4

I’m in a fantasy football league and I drafted all the cutest guys because I have no interest in real sports stuff.

Sep 3

Ching Shih: Princess of the Chinese Seas (1775-1844)



In 1809, the Chinese government sprang a trap. They were gunning for a group who’d taken control of its southern waters, the Red Flag pirate fleet. Blockading them in a bay, the authorities laid siege to the pirates for three straight weeks with an overwhelming amount of firepower. In the end, the Red Flags strode out through a graveyard of government ships, largely unscathed. At the head of the Red Flags stood one of the most fearsome pirates in history — Ching Shih, a former prostitute turned leader of over 70,000 men. More on her asskicking adventures after the cut.

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Hey, this post is important. It is about the Pirate Queen that Maggie Q will be playing next year (opposite some white guy? idk). This post leaves out a few details that I really like about her story, probably because the authenticity is up for debate, but I don’t care about historical accuracy so I’m going to tell you the story as it was told to me as folklore.

So Originally, Shih was a prostitute and she got captured by the Red Flags and the Pirate Captain was like “Honey is bad as hell, I’m going to have sex with her.”

And she was like “Uh, definitely no.” And the pirates made the false assumption that she had bound feet, so they were totally surprised and taken off guard when she GRABBED A SWORD and presumably parkoured over everyone towards their Pirate Captain.

Luckily, there were enough of them to stop her just in time. So then the Pirate King looked at this would-be murderess and squinted his eyes and everyone looked at him to know what they should do (I mean, kill her right?), and he goes “Damn, bae. I think I wanna marry you.”

And Shih looked around all these swole ass pirates with their swords ready to chop her fucking head off and in what was very reasonably a terrifying situation, she said “Give me half of your fleet, and then I will marry you.” CHING SHIH DID NOT PLAY. She was as #fearless as she was #flawless.

And he was like “Okay, how about no. I’ll just give you a couple boats for now.” And she was okay with that. And then he died and she was actually sad about it. And her pirate generals had this meeting to figure out who would be the new pirate king.

And she showed up wearing his clothes and demanded their respect and probably Lucy-Liu-style killed someone at the meeting probably but I’m just making that up.


Every class I’ve ever been in has had a really hot girl whose funny and also super smart.

It’s me. I’m that girl. Every class.

#gayshaming #forever #str8pride

#gayshaming #forever #str8pride

Like I don’t think people understand how hard it is to be a gay man. First of all, you have to date gay men and they’re just the worst.

In positive news: the lead of the program I just finished working for is locked in an ongoing argument with the lead of the program I’m working in right now for who gets to have me after my election season contract is done.

The winner will be whoever can convince our executive director to give me the most paid time off before the new job, with bonus points for who will give me the most impressive job title.

So my office is a street-level repurposed artist live-work loft, meaning we get all kinds of shoppers, lunching ladies, and just generally curious pedestrians stopping in to see what we’re about/what kind of business we are (“What do you sell here?” “Youth-led democracy!”)

It also means we get a lot of less-than cool interactions. This morning, some drunk guy walked up and down the street shouting “FUCKING FAGGOTS!” repeatedly. (Aside: My coworker was telling my other coworker about this guy walking up and down the street shouting FUCKING MAGGOTS, and when I said “I don’t think he was saying maggots…” she immediately buried her head in her hands and sighed “Why am I so naive?”)

Just right now, some old white guy walked right in, not just peeked into the doorway like everyone else. I got up and asked if he was looking for someone, and he said he was here for the AA meeting. I told him that’s not here, so he took a few steps back towards our doorway and continued his phone call, and I headed back to my desk.

"I told you, Jim. I wouldn’t stop looking for a skinny Oriental wife this side of the river, and you said yeah." He was standing right in our doorway and making very deliberate direct eye contact with me. "Yeah, you’re not going to stop looking either, are you? Yeah. Otherwise I’d be fucking Justine again. Yeah, fucking Justine was alright. Uh-huh. But you have that felony. Yeah, I have a felony too." He did not break eye contact with me at all.

My department manager hopped out of his seat, darted up the stairs and slammed the door and locked it and told me to hang out until that guy was gone, but take the rest of the day off.


well there’s an offer i can’t refuse


well there’s an offer i can’t refuse

I’m really glad the internet exists so that there can be permanent records of these people who support the military/police violence in Ferguson and in forty years, they can’t pretend they were on the side of justice.

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